Portuguese potatoes promoted in seven markets

Internationalisation will be supported by portugal 2020

Today, in Lourinhã, Porbatata – Associação da Batata de Portugal presented the Project for Promoting Portuguese Potatoes in Foreign Markets.

Until 2022, Portuguese Potatoes will be promoted in France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, The United Arab Emirates, Slovenia and Angola, markets that Porbatata considers to be strategic, and for which it has drawn up a series of initiatives to publicise and enhance the value of Portuguese potatoes.

This project is supported by Portugal 2020, within the scope of the Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme, entailing a forecast overall investment of 352,988 euros, of which 85% is funded by ERDF – European Regional Development Fund.

Among the initiatives planned is the creation of a specific brand for Portuguese Potatoes, highlighting the quality and differentiation of this product, linking it to its origin.

Presence at international events and market prospecting are also part of the plans. Porbatata also aims to organise an International Portuguese Potato Contest in France.

Within the scope of the Project for Promoting Portuguese Potatoes in Foreign Markets, a strategic study will also be carried out for the sector’s internationalisation into new markets: The United Arab Emirates, Slovenia and Angola.

In 2019, potato exports amounted to 28.5 million euros. The main destinations were Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Cape Verde, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In Portugal, potato consumption per capita is 93.6 kilos a year.